US Airways 24-hours cancellation policy

US Airways 24-hours cancellation policy is NOT described anywhere during purchase process and is very hard to find, also it's very easy to fail to fullfil their requirements ....

Addition: It was refunded w/o problem. Good.

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02/07 04:25pm EST ウェブから無料3冊お試しを申し込み (@スキャン)
02/07 11:50pm EST @スキャンから受付の返信 (送付先住所が分かる)
02/08 11:57am EST で注文 (2冊はAmazonから発送。1冊は東大宮から。)
02/08 12:14pm EST @スキャンへ書籍の発送時期を連絡
02/08 09:31pm EST @スキャンから確認の返信
02/09 00:23am EST Amazon から1冊発送の連絡
02/09 02:46am EST 東大宮から1冊発送の連絡
02/09 11:43am EST Amazon から残り1冊発送の連絡
02/10 03:45am EST @スキャンからPDF化完了の通知
02/10 11:19am ESTからZIPファイルをダウンロード (200MB/約10分)



Deauthorization reminded me what iTunes DRM is.

  • Authorize up to 5 computers
  • Authorize (able to sync to) unlimited number of iPhone/iPod
  • Able to create 7 CDs
Good part is you can sync to unlimited number of iPhone/iPod. (This means "authorized computers" don't include iPhone/iPod)

Apple iTunes deauthorization

While I repeat restoring my MacBook Pro from Time Machie (when machine went broken, when I tried to swap laptop with my wife, etc.) I consumed 5 DRM slot of iTunes. (I guess I consumed one slot with old Windows box before.)


I don't have immediate plan to "authorize" another machine but just decided to deauthorize all of them. There is an instruction on how to do that.

About iTunes Store authorization and deauthorization

So, I went to iTunes Store through and clicked "Deauthorize All".


And again, "Deauthorize all computers".


Bang. Now all of them are deauthorized.


And I authorized my current laptop again and things work just fine.

Note: You can do this only once in a year.