Continental Airlines Refund service

08/05/2011 To:
08/11/2011 To: reminder
08/23/2011 To:
08/25/2011 Approved (From:, in signature)

Better not trust following page, instead use for refund request.
Contact Refund Services


(Updates: 9/6/2011)

Some more emails from Continental.

08/30/2011 Reply from Continental (From:, in signature) to approv refund
08/30/2011 Reply from Continental (From: for refund request submit via web on 8/15 (not yet received voucher mentioned in the email)

So, it looks like this is what happened.

Sent 8/5 -> Reply 8/25 (email to
Sent 8/15 -> Reply 8/30 (submit via web)
Sent 8/23 -> Reply 8/30 (email to

It does seem that either way works at the end of the day. (Though doesn't return any acceptance, while web UI and does. So, I still recommend web UI or over

this page include other resources which are not secure

Google Chrome での「SSLで保護されてないコンテンツがあります」的な警告には二種類あって、"the behavior of the page" が守られない可能性がある場合と "the look of the page" が守られない可能性がある場合とがある。前者は error 扱いで、後者は warning 扱い。


コメントによると前者は script など動的なコンテンツなんかがSSLされてない場合で、後者は画像、CSS など静的なコンテンツがSSLされてない場合のようだ。