Continental Airlines Refund service

08/05/2011 To:
08/11/2011 To: reminder
08/23/2011 To:
08/25/2011 Approved (From:, in signature)

Better not trust following page, instead use for refund request.
Contact Refund Services


(Updates: 9/6/2011)

Some more emails from Continental.

08/30/2011 Reply from Continental (From:, in signature) to approv refund
08/30/2011 Reply from Continental (From: for refund request submit via web on 8/15 (not yet received voucher mentioned in the email)

So, it looks like this is what happened.

Sent 8/5 -> Reply 8/25 (email to
Sent 8/15 -> Reply 8/30 (submit via web)
Sent 8/23 -> Reply 8/30 (email to

It does seem that either way works at the end of the day. (Though doesn't return any acceptance, while web UI and does. So, I still recommend web UI or over