Kindle Touch screen issue (?)

Disclaimer: This is my first E Ink experience. So it could be what E Ink should be.

I see some remaining characters when flipping pages with my new Kindle Touch.

For example, while I'm reading Big Data Now: Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar, I see slight remaining characters from previous page.

For example, I was reading this page,


And then flip to next page. But you can still see _slight_ remaining characters from previous page. ("... years, there has been .... logs, tweet streams, ...")


Though once screen refreshes (once every 6 pages/flips), the screen clears up.


Is this what is expected with E Ink ? Is this happening on Nook Touch too ?

UPDATE (2011.11.28): According to this video (at 1:01:13), it seems to be "feature" not "issue". You can change this behavior if you think it's annoying. (I changed "Page Refresh" to "On" (to refresh every page turn).)